Michael Robinson

Hi, I’m Michael. I am a passionate coder and creative problem solver.

Originally from a small farm town in rural Illinois, its a wonder how I got to where I am today. I first got my start into programming at a young age (10?) writing some really basic mods for the original Sims game. From there my curiosity grew as I began to experiment with little GUI apps in Visual Basic. Through my teen years I mainly played with the Apache/MySQL/PHP stack. Being from a small town, my high school offered very little in the way of technology orientated courses, so I had to learn on my own. I studied Computer Science at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) where I learned a lot more about the theoretical side of CS as well as got more into lower level programming (MIPS assembly, C, etc). Focusing on databases and software engineering principles, my first job out of school was a perfect fit.

I began my career at Datalogix (now Oracle Data Cloud). Working with a lot of “big data” technologies, I was exposed to many data storage techniques and challenges. It was there that I dove into the Amazon AWS ecosystem and realized the power of cloud infrastructure. At Datalogix, I worked a lot with the Hadoop stack, mainly using Java/SQL and projects such as Hive/Presto/Cascading.

After Oracle’s acquisition of Datalogix, I moved on to Zvelo. Here we are working almost elusively with Golang. Using a micro-service architecture, I have gotten a lot of exposure to the entire Docker/Kubernetes orchestration stack. Many of our systems operate in real-time and it has been a real treat to use Golang for these applications. Its simplicity and safety have led to a lot of very readable code that is easy to jump into to make changes.

At Zvelo I am mainly focused on data storage related problems, utilizing technologies such as DynamoDB, Kinesis, S3, Redshift, EMR, along with our custom1 Golang applications to generate, collect, transform, load, and analyze our data.

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