About us or; The Ballad of Whisky Badger

Whelp, we’d been talking about it for a while. We work together, and hang out together. We collaborate on our work projects AND our personal projects. I (Steven) introduced Michael to scotch, sour beers, and climbing. Michael maybe reviewed my code ten times. Well, maybe on a log 100 scale.

Anyways, Michael Robinson and I (Steven Bogacz) are pretty good friends. We were co-workers in our first job outside of college, and things just clicked pretty early on. We made our way from Datalogix (now Oracle Data Cloud, or something like that), to zvelo (where he started, and his good tidings eventually tempted me too).

We share hobbies and passions, and have introduced each other to them in turn. One of our shared passions, however, is quality, clever code. Despite our relative youth in this field, we’ve both tackled large scale projects single-handedly: from devising solutions for DHT-based proxying and content-fetching, to developing a multi-layer data storage, synchronization, and caching solution leveraging λ-architecture, to a mobile device ID ingest platform.

We’ve been working together for a few years, and we’ve always shared our side projects when we’re looking for a critical eye, or for some good feedback. We finally reached critical mass: about a handful of the projects we’d like to open source and talk about were all done cooperatively, so making WhiskyBadger seemed like the next logical step… about as illogical as our name (although we do both love scotch).

A Uruguayan lost in Colorado climbing, snowboarding, and coding to pass the time

Denver, CO https://bogacz.io

General problem solver. Freelance beer practitioner. Prone to coding all day.

Castle Rock, CO https://michaelrobinson.io