Introducing Go-Pipeline

Introducing Go-Pipeline The title may be a bit grandiose, but after playing around with a concept of “channel-middleware”, much back and forth, and polishing of the idea, we can now introduce Go-Pipeline as an open-source library. “Great!” I can hear you say, “but what is Go-Pipeline?” Go-Pipeline simply provides some assisting interfaces and helper methods for writing go code that relies heavily on channels and chaining channels. As an approach, it certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, or even a one-size-fits-most. »

Creating pipelines in Go or; How I took an runaway idea about channels, too, too far.

The Idea Ideas are hard to come by, or at least, interesting ideas are. I think we’ve all found ourselves having moments of perceived brilliance, only to realize the lack of originality, or, for that matter, brilliance. Every now and then, however, we’re stuck by something that has some promise. It’s hard to hold on to these fleeting moments of understanding, and many people have different ways in which they deal with them (carrying a note pad everywhere, including the shower… yeah I know, I think it’s weird too). »